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Become the inspired designer of your present and future.

Fall in love with your life.


2020 brings a growing momentum for a shift in consciousness, a call for change, and an invitation to be the creators and designers of our lives.

Living Free in the Grand Organized Design is an advanced laboratory for life transformation across eight weeks.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, ask big questions and explore perceptions that lead to personal truth, self-confidence and compassion even with the most challenging situations, this is the program for you!

This is an opportunity to bring your whole life in and come out with a deeper trust in your intuition and the bigger picture, have peace with what is, experience freedom, joy and gratitude, and gain a treasure chest full of tools that give you access to a life you love.

Shifting our perceptions changes the trajectory of our lives. 

Stress, burn out, confusion, fear, resentment, and feeling stuck, are all experiences that arise from a perspective we've been conditioned to live from, often without even knowing it.  

Without awareness and transformation of our thoughts, beliefs and perspective, no amount of action or accomplishment ever brings us true fulfillment.

The Grand Organized Design is the bigger picture, the universe, the perspective from which we feel at peace, grounded, clear and joyful.

We're able to tap into new unforeseen possibilities and a limitless future we couldn't have predicted. And what's more exciting than that?!

Bringing inquiry to these perceptions, seeing the perfection of our life, trusting the unfolding, breaking away of social pressures and creating the life of our heart's desire, is true freedom.

This program is currently underway and will re-open for registration October 1st. 


“This series has truly been eye opening for me. I'm so thankful to be apart of this incredible group.  Not taking the time to really find out what my truth is or honoring it has made me feel so lost over the years and even depressed. I understand now it is because that space has been filled with other people's truth and values. I'm really excited to take the time and give myself the space to explore my truth. Thank you, this feels really, really good!!”

Content of the live online program:

Learn more about our extraordinary contributors at the bottom on this page.

CLASS ONE: Cultivating Peace 
The better we become at cultivating peace, the more access we have to our authentic self, personal truth and powerful intuition. This sets the foundation of living Free in the Grand Organized Design of life.

CLASS TWO: Healing the Past with Special Guest Contributor, Sarah Keene
You will learn a way to experience emotions rather than resist them and awaken to the gifts of resentment and other seemingly bad emotions. We all go through cyclical change. With each cycle, we need to heal the past to move forward and grow.  As a gifted healer and intuitive, Sarah will share ways to heal even the deepest wounds, clearing the way to create life from the present moment and infinite possibility.

CLASS THREE: Inquiry and Perspective with Special Guest Contributor, Treda Collier Dickenman 
We will bring a whole new perspective to our beliefs, shifting thoughts from being fear-based reactions to thoughts that bring presence to gratitude, joy and being the creator of your life. So much of our suffering comes from the social self-ego that weaves stories that aren’t true. We will explore ways to transform thoughts and feel more at peace, connected and empowered.  Treda brings her unique and vast experience to discover opportunities to create authentic, cross cultural relationships, and gain a greater appreciation and perspective for diversity. 

CLASS FOUR: Self-Care and Creating Sacred Space 
Spend an entire class on crafting a daily practice of self-care, tuning into the right mix of rest, work and play for your unique needs. We will also breakdown and explore the core areas of your life to discover what has you thrive.  The most empowering self-care doesn't require extensive time, money or a spa day.  We'll share and explore simple, do-able, daily practices that create more peace, freedom and joy in your life.

CLASS FIVE: Tracking Your Truth 
We will explore tools to compliment your intuition as you learn to track your truth and move from blame to empowerment and from despair to inspired.  In extraordinary times of challenge we go into the goo of transformation, just as the catapller does before emerging a butterfly.  Tracking your truth gives you the profound opportunity to expand your wings and grow into who you're meant to become.  

CLASS SIX: Navigating Fear 
As your authentic self takes the lead, that social self-ego part of us can stir up some serious resistance, also known as fear. This class is all about how to navigate the fear that keeps us stuck and move to a mindset of freedom, expansion and joy. 

CLASS SEVEN: Communicating Your Truth and True Friendship with Special Guest Contributor, Kim Rice-Whitemore
Maybe boundaries are just speaking your truth! We will develop a perspective that will allows you to see your needs vs. someone else’s and communicate your truth to others without blame, shame or defensiveness.  Jaime and Kim will share what we have learned and experienced over our 5 years of friendship based in truth, intuition and trust from friendship based in the Grand Organized Design. 

CALL EIGHT: Creative Expression, Community
One of the most essential ingredients of Living Free in the Grand Organized Design is creating communities that nurture and support us in being our best selves. When we surrounded ourselves with people who support our vision, see who we are and engage in inspiring and expanding conversations, we thrive. 

Cultivating peace and tapping into inspiration is essential. Each Monday you will receive a message from Jaime and Intuitive, Sarah Keene to start your week encouraged and present to the bigger picture of your life. 

BONUS CALL: Parenting from the Grand Organized Design perspective with Guest Contributor, Audrey Butters.

Being a mom and parenting can bring out the most tribal fears of all.  On this call we'll explore the perspective that allows us to see and honor our children and experience more peace in parenting.

Our Guest Contributor, Audrey Butters is a gifted homeschooling and conscious parenting expert and lives with her husband and three kids. Audrey supports parents on their own parenting journeys, helping them find their wisdom within themselves as well as ways to connect with their children. She has taken an insatiable approach to learning and studying parenting and education methods. This development has lead Audrey to become and embrace a conscious, peaceful and mindful parenting philosophy that she enjoys sharing with other parents.


Content, tools and inquiry as well as an opportunity for sharing, coaching from Jaime and Shine Contributors and assignments to experiment with the material in your life. Each week you’ll dig in and see what beliefs, thoughts and perspectives are causing pain and keeping you stuck, and how to set them free.

All calls are recorded and provided on one playlist for easy participation.


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"I just have to say I can't get enough! Living from this perspective totally works. 10 minutes on a coaching call has given me my hit for the day and I am alive and well again!"


"Jaime has an amazing ability to take very etherial aspects of spirituality, manifestation and vision and put them into form (with humor!) - creating tangible steps towards actually creating this magic in your life."

"What I got on the call today hit it out of the park! It was one of the single most valuable teaching moments I have come upon in my journey of learning and growing. I think I need to re-listen a few times so every cell of my body will absorb it."

Registration Open October 1st
Special 2020 Price of $297

Meet Jaime and the Shine Contributors 

Jaime Myers

One of my greatest joys is collaboration and engaging in conversations that free the spirit and give new life to the soul.

For the last 25 years, I've been a student and leader of transformational work. I believe in sharing from the heart, being authentic, having a good sense of humor and leading through the art of storytelling. 

I've had the honor of being a staff member for Landmark Education Corporation and 11 years of being a Senior Workshop Leader and Trainer for PAX Programs/Alison Armstrong.

Having led over 150 live weekend courses, as well as creating and leading retreats, tele-courses and leadership programs, I've gained a tremendous love and understanding for what it is to be human and the shifts in perspective that set us free!

With a vision to empower women to honor themselves, discover their personal truth and lead joyful, soul fueled lives, I founded Shine Life Design.

I live in Park City, Utah with my husband, two sons and our fur baby.

Laurie Eastwood

I am a champion for creativity and community on every level. I founded Mining the Magic with the strong belief that we, as human beings, are wired to create and connect.

I am intrigued by the creative spirit within each of us, that unfettered joy of making something…anything. And by what happens when we bring our creative energy together.

I began my art journey by creating black and white photos that I hand tinted, printed, framed and sold in the wholesale market, including Restoration Hardware and Eddie Bauer Homestore. It became a very successful business which I loved until I didn’t. It became familiar and known, the opposite of what creativity offers, the magic in the unknown! After 12 years, I left the business and began my search to understand and embrace the creative process. 

Embracing our creativity and being in community challenges us, puts us in a place of the unknown, expands our understanding, opens our hearts, asks us to be courageous and to trust in the process. Every piece of a collaborative, creative endeavor is a new beginning, a new possibility. 




Treda Collier Dickenman

I am a veteran school educator and administrator, having held positions at public, magnet and private schools: Miss Porter’s School, Westover School, Phillips Exeter Academy, Pomfret School and Northfield Mount Hermon, among others. With a natural gift for public speaking, I'm an advocate for young people, mentor to younger professionals, visionary leader and organizer. As a former Division I athlete at the University of Hartford, I earned a Bachelor's of Arts, as well as: Masters of Liberal Studies from Wesleyan University, and Masters of Divinity from Yale Divinity School.

My academic research has focused on cultural identity and the socioeconomic factors impacting the development of Black girls and their perceived place in the world. Sweet Sanctuary was founded in 2001– as an organization dedicated to securing resources on behalf of underrepresented girls (women) with a specific focus on meeting their spiritual, educational and social needs. My work in this area has extended to local, regional, national and international CBO’s, programs, churches and juvenile correctional facilities.

Sarah Keene

While I've been in touch with aspects of my healing gifts my whole life, I ignored them for as long as possible in an attempt to pursue a "normal" life. In that pursuit I spent eight and a half years enlisted in the United States Air Force, and used my GI Bill to receive my Bachelors Degree in Psychology, operated/owned a family business and raised three girls. 

Stepping into my gifts felt vulnerable, but not honoring who I really am, was creating discomfort and dis-ease in my life.​​  I was also clear that I could use my gifts to help others let go of negative energy held within their body and move forward in bettering their lives.

I now work as a healer, yoga teacher, medium and spirituality coach. For the Shine Retreats I facilitate meditation and yoga to practice stillness as well as clear old energy. I provide individual readings, to bring clarity and insight to each woman's vision.

Kim Rice Whitemore 


As a business strategist, executive coach and life coach, I've studied with world-renowned teachers of quantum physics, cosmology, intuition, natural health, gender and equus coaching.  I help executives, entrepreneurs and individuals become the architects and leaders of their own futures.  

My super power is bringing together a powerful combination of the practical and the spiritual to my work with leaders and businesses.  I have a unique perspective on how universal principles shape every aspect of our reality and how we can use those principles to bring an experience of freedom and purpose to our lives.  I live in Lincoln Massachusetts with my husband Todd and our dog Mellie.



Kyla Mitsunaga

I could tell you that I graduated from Harvard, won a prestigious teaching award, gave a TED Talk (yeah, the one on this page) and was a professor for 7 years.  I could tell you that I have delivered and developed my own workshops in 16 countries across 3 continents and traveled to 47 countries thus far. 

I would rather tell you that shortly after my 40th birthday, I realized that I am an overcomer of workplace bullying and created my very own antidote to workplace negativity and bullying called The Happiness Workshop.  In the face of depression, I became a certified life coach, certified happiness coach, and a certified thetahealing® practitioner. I am particularly passionate about women's rights and the visibility of Asian women around the globe. I have made it a personal and professional mission to inspire young Asian women to speak up, succeed in their jobs, rise to executive levels, and be seen more. During my time at Harvard, I worked WITH countless women who had overcome domestic violence and/or human trafficking. I was left feeling inspired and empowered by their stories of courage and strength.

Sara Blanchard 

I help communities build connections through conscious conversations, through my podcaster, as a facilitator, TEDx speaker, writer, and happiness consultant.

Having worked at Goldman Sachs and taught positive psychology at Harvard, I speak the language of traditional accomplishment, but for over 10 years, I have also pursued the science and techniques of well-being as a life coach, mother, and author of Flex Mom.

In addition to emceeing events like the World Happiness Summit and facilitating meaningful panel discussions, I now co-host an award-winning social justice podcast that highlights the humanity in the history, race, and happiness of the United States.


"I credit this series with giving me my power back and giving me the tools to transform myself. I now think of it like I'm in the lab practicing day to day speaking my truth and living authentically to what my soul requires to be whole and happy."

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