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2020 & 2021 brought an illumination of what no longer works, a shift in paradigm and a call for change.  

2022 is an invitation to be more conscious of our choices, more discerning with our priorities and to move away from society's conditioning and towards being the co-creators and designers of our own lives.  

Mary Oliver's question looms in the air...  

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Living Free in the Grand Organized Design is an advanced laboratory for life transformation.

Shifting our perceptions changes the trajectory of our lives. 

Stress, burn out, confusion, fear, resentment, and feeling stuck, are all experiences that arise from a perspective we've been conditioned to live from, often without even knowing it.  

Without awareness and transformation of our thoughts, beliefs and perspective, no amount of action or accomplishment ever brings us true fulfillment.

The Grand Organized Design is the bigger picture, the universe, the perspective from which we feel at peace, grounded, clear and joyful.

We're able to tap into new unforeseen possibilities and a limitless future we couldn't have predicted. And what's more exciting than that?!

Bringing inquiry to these perceptions, seeing the perfection of our life, trusting the unfolding, breaking away from social pressures and creating the life of our heart's desire, is true freedom.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, ask big questions and explore perceptions that lead to personal truth, self-confidence and compassion even with the most challenging situations, this is the program for you!

This is an opportunity to bring your whole life in and come out with a deeper trust in your intuition and the bigger picture, have peace with what is, experience freedom, joy and gratitude, and gain a treasure chest full of tools that give you access to a life you love.

“This series has truly been eye opening for me. I'm so thankful to be apart of this incredible group.  Not taking the time to really find out what my truth is or honoring it has made me feel so lost over the years and even depressed. I understand now it is because that space has been filled with other people's truth and values. I'm really excited to take the time and give myself the space to explore my truth. Thank you, this feels really, really good!!”

Content of the live online program:

CLASS ONE: Cultivating Peace 
The better we become at cultivating peace, the more access we have to our authentic self, personal truth and powerful intuition. This sets the foundation of living Free in the Grand Organized Design of life.

CLASS TWO: Healing the Past 
You will learn a way to experience emotions rather than resist them and awaken to the gifts of resentment and other seemingly bad emotions. We all go through cyclical change. With each cycle, we have the opportunity to heal the past, move forward and grow.  

CLASS THREE: Creative Session with Laurie Founder of Mining the Magic, Laurie Eastwood will be guiding a creative exploration to heal your inner-creator, move from head to heart and re-ignite your imagination.  

CLASS FOUR:  Inquiry and Perspective  
We'll bring a whole new perspective to our beliefs, shifting thoughts from being fear-based reactions to thoughts that bring presence to gratitude, joy and being the creator of your life. So much of our suffering comes from the social self-ego that weaves stories that aren’t true. We will explore ways to transform thoughts and feel more at peace, connected and empowered.  

CLASS FIVE: Self-Care and Creating Sacred Space 
Spend an entire class on crafting a daily practice of self-care, tuning into the right mix of rest, work and play for your unique needs. We will break down and explore the core areas of your life to discover what has you thrive.  The most empowering self-care doesn't require extensive time and money.  We'll share and explore simple, do-able, daily practices that create more peace, freedom and joy in your life.

CLASS SIX: Tracking Your Truth 
We will explore tools to compliment your intuition as you learn to track your truth and move from blame to empowerment and from despair to inspired.  In extraordinary times of challenge we go into the goo of transformation, just like the caterpillar, before emerging a butterfly.  Tracking your truth gives you the profound opportunity to expand your wings and grow into who you're meant to become.  

CLASS SEVEN: Navigating Fear 
As your authentic self takes the lead, that social self-ego part of us can stir up some serious resistance, also known as fear. This class is all about how to navigate the fear that keeps us stuck and move to a mindset of freedom, expansion and joy. 

CLASS EIGHT: Communicating Your Truth 
Maybe boundaries are just speaking your truth! We will develop a perspective that allows you to see your needs vs. someone else’s and communicate your truth to others without blame, shame or defensiveness.  

CLASS NINE: Creative Session with Laurie  Founder of Mining the Magic, Laurie Eastwood will be guiding a creative exploration to tap into your authentic expression and truth through symbols and metaphor.  

CLASS TEN: Community
One of the most essential ingredients of Living Free in the Grand Organized Design is creating communities that nurture and support us in being our best selves. When we surround ourselves with people who support our vision, see who we are and engage in inspiring and expanding conversations, we thrive. 


Content, tools and inquiry as well as an opportunity for sharing, coaching from Jaime and assignments to experiment with the material in your life.

Each week you’ll dig in and see what beliefs, thoughts and perspectives are causing pain and keeping you stuck, and how to set them free.

The content portion of each call is recorded and stored in a library for easy access.  


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"I just have to say I can't get enough! Living from this perspective totally works. 10 minutes of coaching on a group call has given me my hit for the day and I am alive and well again!"

This program is for you if you're ready to experience more love, freedom and joy

"Jaime has an amazing ability to take very etherial aspects of spirituality, manifestation and vision and put them into form (with humor!) - creating tangible steps towards actually creating this magic in your life."

"What I got on the call today hit it out of the park! It was one of the single most valuable teaching moments I have come upon in my journey of learning and growing.

I need to re-listen a few times so every cell of my body will absorb it."

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Jaime Myers

A great passion of mine is engaging in experiences and inquiry that free the spirit and give new life to the soul.  While I can hardly draw a stick figure, I've found an art form in creating spaces that bring together essential ingredients for connection, magic and deep transformation. 

At age 21 I was introduced to the world of personal growth and transformation and over the past 27 years I've had the absolute privilege of being a staff member, coach, leadership trainer, workshop leader and program designer for organizations committed to a better world.

Having led over 200 live weekend courses as well as working with thousands of people in various structures for personal growth, I've gained a tremendous love and understanding for what it is to be human and the shifts in perspective that set us free! 

With a vision of women being empowered to honor themselves, discover and align with their personal truth and lead joyful, soul-fueled lives, I founded Shine Life Design, LLC in 2014 and offer retreats, coaching and online programs.  

I live in the mountains of Utah with my husband, Seth, and our two sons.

Laurie Eastwood

I am a champion for creativity and community on every level. I founded Mining the Magic with the strong belief that we, as human beings, are wired to create and connect.

I am intrigued by the creative spirit within each of us, that unfettered joy of making something…anything. And by what happens when we bring our creative energy together.

I began my art journey by creating black and white photos that I hand tinted, printed, framed and sold in the wholesale market, including Restoration Hardware and Eddie Bauer Homestore. It became a very successful business which I loved until I didn’t. It became familiar and known, the opposite of what creativity offers, the magic in the unknown! After 12 years, I left the business and began my search to understand and embrace the creative process. 

Embracing our creativity and being in community challenges us, puts us in a place of the unknown, expands our understanding, opens our hearts, asks us to be courageous and to trust in the process. Every piece of a collaborative, creative endeavor is a new beginning, a new possibility. 

I live in Park City, Utah with my husband Tom.  I'm also Jaime's mom and we share a special dynamic and many fun and exciting adventures in the realms of growth and discovery.  


"I credit this series with giving me my power back and giving me the tools to transform myself.
I now think of it like I'm in the lab practicing day to day speaking my truth and living authentically to what my soul requires to be whole and happy."

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