Experience perception shifts that lead to freedom, self-confidence and peace even with the most challenging situations.

Deepen your trust in your intuition, tune into your inspired vision and discover the magic carpet ride possible when you live a life aligned with your truth and values.

Break out of your blindspots and patterns that are holding you back and live the life that's calling you.

For the last 28 years, I've been a student and leader of transformational work.  When I started my journey into personal growth education at 21, I came across a quote by Thich Nhat Hahn that spoke to my heart, 

"We have more possibilities in each moment than we realize."  I have lived that possibility for myself and others ever since. 

I've had the absolute privilege of being a staff member, coach, leadership trainer, workshop leader and program designer for organizations committed to a better world.

Being invited to support you in being your most expressed, free and enlivened self is an honor and joy.
I look forward to connecting with you!  

"Jaime has an amazing ability to take very etherial aspects of spirituality, manifestation and vision and put them into form (with humor!) - creating tangible steps towards actually creating this magic in your life." A.R



"Just having Jaime be her authentic self and be present with me helps me to find myself again. Her wisdom, compassion, and genuine care are awesome bonuses. I always come away empowered and clear. "

Erin A.

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"Jaime's coaching has really shifted my perspective in every area of my life. I'm noticing things now that don't fit for me any longer. I am loving my re-invented self and clarity. It’s very liberating!"

Deanne L.

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