Empower Your Vision Retreat

Limited to 12 women and held at a gorgeous, private venue in Park City, Utah, the Empower Your Vision Retreat is a three night transformative experience for open-hearted, forward thinking women. Take pause, recharge, clear old energy, get grounded in personal truth, claim a vision, craft a clear do-able plan, be inspired and soar!


If you’re ready to tune into your personal truth, be supported by a powerful community of like-minded women and explore, design and empower your vision, mind, body and soul...

The Empower your Vision Retreat is for you!

You are designed to Shine! 
Discover your unique gifts, strengths and brilliance
See the big picture and love your life wherever you are along the way

Create Space 
Gain a shift in perspective to embrace and move through fear and uncertainty
Illuminate and transform blocks and disempowering thoughts

Tune into a new or expanded vision

Become the Architect
Design a clear do-able plan for your vision from personal truth, intuition and inspiration  

Navigate the Journey 
Learn essential tools and practices to discover, refine and empower your vision


Whether you're in a transition and looking to create what's next or you're wanting to expand on a current vision, the Empower Your Retreat is a magical space of possibility, connection, freedom and clarity.


"Nearly eight months on, I have to say that the impact of my Shine retreat has lasted and transformed my life. I have joy, I play, I work harder, I work smarter, and most importantly to me, I feel lighter. Do it, make the investment, go and see what you'll come away with - for the long haul!!"

Sara Blanchard
Founder and Author of Flex Mom

Led by Shine Life Design Founder, Jaime Myers, this retreat is a special gathering of like-hearted women, who desire to live a soul fueled life as well as make a difference for others.

It’s easy to feel pulled in all directions and have little time for rest, reflection, inquiry and to tune into an inspired personal or professional vision.

And yet, when we do invest in ourselves, take pause, spend time in a beautiful space surrounded by nature, reflect, play, laugh, clear old energy, patterns and beliefs, and gain new tools and perspectives, our soul is fueled and we feel more joy, connection and clarity. 

"The Empower Your Vision Retreat pushed me through boundaries and walls I didn't even know I had hidden deep within. I left feeling empowered and KNOWING what my purpose is. I could never put my finger on it as an absolute goal - but this retreat confirmed and revealed everything I needed to know. This experience is a MUST for all women!"

Lea Roman
Hair and Makeup Artist and Founder of Mindful Soul and Beauty

The Empower Your Vision Retreat offers...

  • ways to more easily tune into your own internal guide and, instead of working so hard to figure it all out, have your vision emerge 
  • the space and process to tune into a new or existing vision and craft a clear do-able plan to bring it into reality
  • the support of like-minded women to share your vision with and brainstorm possibilities 
  • the stillness and tools to hear the intuitive whispers and move forward with less doubt and more confidence
  • the experience of feeling in the flow of life and discovering every day magic  
  • being more clear, present and able to rise above the chaos 
  • presence to gratitude, more energy and a natural attraction to new, congruent opportunities and soul-nurturing people into your life
  • visions moving forward with velocity and beyond what your mind imagined 

"The intersection and combination of the classroom sessions, energy work and meditations, women in attendance and the creative piece came together to create a whole, sublime, powerful, rich and fulfilling experience. I left with new clarity on my personal vision, a new sense of power and momentum, cleared energy and a deep sense of community and support."

MaryCay Durrant
Founder of Leading Naturally

While we often champion others, it can be challenging to see one's own blind spots and disempowering beliefs that are in the way of fully stepping into what's next.

  • How can you be passionate about living a life you love, without being burned out, tired and over extended?
  • How can you be confident in your vision and choices, even when that means saying no and possibly disappointing someone?
  • How do you create personal and professional relationships that are aligned with your vision and are both nurtured and nurturing?
  • How can you be free of your mind's limiting thoughts and step fully into the experience of life you most desire?
  • How can you navigate and not be stopped by the fear that comes along with challenging the status quo?
  • How can you continually transform resentment and feel present to love, connection and possibility?

"I have continued to expound on the mindset and skills that Jaime has instilled in me and I am beyond excited to say that I am living a very FREE life. I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin and I'm so open and excited for what the universe brings to me next. And if you knew me before, you probably would think that would be impossible. I am a super A-type, highly motivated, uber organized, planning machine! So for me to be able to live a life of less stress and pure, personal joy is basically a miracle! I won't ever be able to put words to how appreciative I am for the gifts Jaime has given me."

Lindsey Beres
Founder of Outdoor Adventure Quest

To tap into your powerful intuition and have clarity on your vision, it is essential to clear the space in our mind, body and soul.  

Meditation, energy clearing, painting, music and inquiry will be integral parts throughout the retreat to...

  • clear the clutter of the mind
  • heal the next layer of disempowering beliefs
  • be grounded in the bigger picture
  • discover the creator in you
  • gain clarity on your vision and next steps
  • play, laugh, rest and rejuvenate
  • connect with and be supported by fellow powerful, conscious women 

"Being apart of this community of wise teachers and beautiful like-minded women has opened my world up and given me clarity. I'm on a path of living in my truth with love and wisdom. I have such gratitude that this community has shown up in my life."

Deanne Lowery
Dental Hygienist

We intentionally limit the number of participants and choose spaces that are beautiful, harmonious with nature, have special energy and offer exceptional quality accommodations, food and services. The October Empower Your Vision Retreat will be held in this breathtaking private venue in The Colony, Park City, Utah.

As a forward thinking woman and leader, it's essential to have the time and space to get still, tune into your vision and map out the small and big steps to fulfill on your dreams.  In the Empower your Vision Retreat you will...

  • have the space and process to create your next small and big steps that are aligned with your vision 
  • have the support and tools to move past where you are stuck
  • tap into your heart's desire and prioritize the life that has your soul sing and has you naturally making the contribution you are here to share

More about Jaime


One of my greatest joys is collaboration and engaging in conversations that free the spirit and give new life to the soul.

For the last 25 years, I've been a student and leader of transformational work and continue to learn what I teach. I believe in sharing from the heart, being authentic, having a good sense of humor and leading through the art of storytelling. 

I've had the honor of being a staff member for Landmark Education Corporation and 11 years of being a Senior Workshop Leader and Trainer for PAX Programs/Alison Armstrong. 

Having led over 150 live weekend courses, as well as creating and leading retreats, tele-courses and leadership programs, I've gained a tremendous love and understanding for what it is to be human and the shifts in perspective that set us free! 

With a vision to empower women to honor themselves, discover their personal truth and lead joyful, soul fueled lives, I founded Shine Life Design.

I live in Park City, Utah with my husband, two sons and our fur baby. 


The Next Empower Your Vision Retreat

Held at a Private Venue in Park City, Utah 

October 10-13, 2019

Start and End Times:

The Retreat begins at 5:00pm Thursday and concludes at 1:00pm Sunday

The Empower Your Vision Retreat is a magical, fun, intimate and deeply transformational experience

Tuition includes:

  • 3 night luxurious private room / private bath accommodations (shared room option below)

  • Healthy and Nourishing Meals provided by a Private Chef (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • Group Inquiry Sessions with Founder of Shine Life Design, Jaime Myers on Tuning Into, Designing and Empowering Your Vision from Intuition and Inspiration.  Jaime will also be available throughout the weekend as a thought partner for one-on-one time as you claim and design your vision 

  • Creative Art Sessions with Laurie Eastwood to reignite play and discover the creator in you

  • Group Meditation and Yoga with Sarah Keene to recharge and clear energetic blocks

  • Individual Intuitive Vision Session with Sarah Keene. These short and focused sessions will be most helpful to dig deep under what is creating an impasse for you as you explore your vision, as well as  clear old energetic blocks and provide clarity as you expand into new territory
  • Connection and brainstorming sessions with fellow exceptional women to tap into and expand on what's possible 

"Don't ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." Howard Thurman 



2 monthly payments of $1,527.00 USD or 1 payment of $2997 USD

EARLY REGISTRATION OFFER: Register by August 15th with Code EYVPC500 for $500 off your registration!

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] 


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