Shine Life Design LLC has been offering intimate, highly personalized, transformational retreats since 2013. Inquiry, art, farm to table eats, music, nature and inspiring women engaged in growth, contribution and adventure.
Here are just some of the highlights!

Shine Retreats in Costa Rica, Maui, Sundance, Park City, Ojai, Carlsbad, Sonoita and Sedona

"The Shine retreat was just so perfect for where I'm at in my life. Space was provided for opening and transformation, from both a scheduling perspective as well as from a personal perspective. It was so very safe to be seen and heard and to explore."


"I absolutely loved the Shine retreat I attended!! The environment was so supportive of the work I was there to do. The generosity and grace of the leadership and support and the camaraderie of the participants created exactly what I needed to grow. I'm still feeling the effects of being there. I notice a shift in the way I see myself and the way I see the world. I feel more peaceful and more grounded and solid. I'm getting more clarity about my vision and what is calling to me. I'm full of gratitude!"


"My favorite part of the retreat was um, ALL of it. Our dear gentle leader, Jaime, wove each session together in a way that wasn't preachy, just perfect. I highly recommend this retreat! The benefits are far beyond a few days away with girlfriends. Just go. "


"The Shine retreat is something so incredibly special. It was a magical weekend with a wonderful group of women who are each very special in their own right. I loved the safe open way in which we could all share, laugh, cry and be silent. I have recommended this retreat to several friends already. "


For more information, please contact us at [email protected]


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