The Shine Retreat at Apache Springs Ranch

Limited to 9 women and held on a private 163 acre ranch, The Shine Retreat is our annual three night, magical experience that will leave you rejuvenated, inspired and with a deeper experience of freedom, choice, connection and clarity.

  • Led with humor and deep insight, The Shine Retreat is for women with a desire to explore, learn, tune into their own truth and lead their best, most fulfilling life.
  • The Shine Retreat provides a deeply transformational experience for open-hearted women who are turned on by the extraordinary and stand for others' greatness as well as their own.

"I've attended two Shine Retreats and worked with Jaime during a major transition in my life and it was one of my smarter decisions. Her compassion, insights, wisdom and ability to shift perspective created freedom and possibility for me, for which I remain so grateful. Any client would be lucky to work with this amazing gift and beautiful expression of a human being."

Sarah Tueting
Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist, Writer

Are you ready to....

  • have a deeper trust in yourself, your choices and your own unique path
  • bring more peace, clarity and momentum to the areas of your life that matter most to you
  • move from head to heart, reconnect with your authentic expression and feel more joy and certainty in your daily life
  • learn how to navigate and have freedom with the fear and resistance that shows up as you lead your most authentic life
  • feel rejuvenated by breathtaking landscape, music, massage, reiki, intuitive readings, healthy meals, luxurious accommodations and inspiring conversation
  • have the practices and perspective to live moment to moment from inspiration and personal truth
  • craft your daily self-care practices based on your own personal needs and design your life to Shine!

The Next Shine Retreat at ASR

(just outside Tucson):

April 2-5, 2020

Start and End Times:

The Retreat begins at 5:00pm Thursday and concludes at 1:00pm Sunday

Tuition includes:

  • 3 Nights Luxurious Private Room /Private Bath Accommodations in the Ranch House or 2 Bedroom Casita
  • Healthy & Nourishing Meals provided by ASR Private Chef and set in dreamy, intimate spaces throughout the property. Whether it's lunch at the cookout, dinner in the candlelit restored barn or a picnic by the pond, gather around the table with like-hearted women to share good eats and inspired conversation.
  • Classroom Sessions with Shine Life Design Founder, Jaime Myers. Tune into and discover your own truth and authentic expression, gain clarity on what's next, resolve resentment, navigate the fear that often accompanies change and design your life to Shine!
  • Creative Art Sessions to Music with Artist, Laurie Eastwood. Laurie has the unique ability to put each woman at ease and creates a safe space to explore, re-ignite play and discover the creator in you! The art sessions become a place to gather, laugh, share and find space to breathe.
  • Meditation and Energy Healing Session. Held in the restored barn this guided meditation is designed to relax your mind, calm your nervous system, connect with your intuitive knowing and access  spiritual insight.
  • 1.5 Hour Group Horse Class with Ranch Owner and Equus Master Coach, TJ Killoran. Horses have unique abilities to mirror behaviors, communicate non-verbally, and respond to subtle cues from humans. By working with the horses and TJ, you'll obtain powerful personal insights and feedback to illuminate and transform your energy and limiting patterns of behavior. No previous horse experience is required, and all work takes place on the ground.

Additional Services Available:

  • 30-60 Minute Intuitive Reading and Reiki
  • 60 Minute Signature Massage


1 payment of $3997 or 3 monthly payments of $1365

Registration includes a private room and private bathroom in the 4 bedroom Ranch House or 2 bedroom Tom Gardner Cabin.

SHARED GUEST WING REGISTRATION: If you prefer to stay in a private room with a shared bathroom in the beautiful 6 bedroom/3 bathroom guest wing, enter code ASRAPR1300 at check out for $1300 off the listed private room/private bath registration.

"For me, the biggest epiphany happened at the closing of the weekend - a big swirling set of datapoints coming together in one crystal clear moment - and I shed so much baggage in that instant."

Sara F. Denver, CO

The Shine Retreat includes a balance of classroom and experiential learning with free time in the afternoon for your massage, intuitive reading, work with the horses, nap, hike, journaling or to simply enjoy the property.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

"The experience of the Shine Retreat brought about a momentous shift in my thinking and empowered me to make a major positive shift in my life. Jaime is a gentle, intuitive and compassionate retreat leader. And the healers who participated throughout the journey are truly gifted. I highly recommend giving yourself this gift. It goes far beyond taking a few days off and bonding with other likeminded women. You'll discover parts of yourself that you may have forgotten. Just go. "

Lisa K., Scottsdale, AZ

More about Jaime and the Shine Retreat Team

Jaime Myers:

One of my greatest joys is collaboration and engaging in conversations that free the spirit and give new life to the soul.

For the last 25 years, I've been a student and leader of transformational work and continue to learn what I teach. I believe in sharing from the heart, being authentic, having a good sense of humor and leading through the art of storytelling. 

I've had the honor of being a staff member for Landmark Education Corporation and 11 years of being a Senior Workshop Leader and Trainer for PAX Programs/Alison Armstrong. 

Having led over 150 live weekend courses, as well as creating and leading retreats, tele-courses and leadership programs, I've gained a tremendous love and understanding for what it is to be human and the shifts in perspective that set us free! 

With a vision to empower women to honor themselves, discover their personal truth and lead joyful, soul fueled lives, I founded Shine Life Design.

I live in Park City, Utah with my husband, two sons and our fur baby. 


"I have continued to expound on the mindset and skills that Jaime has instilled in me and I am beyond excited to say that I am living a very FREE life. I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin and I'm so open and excited for what the universe brings to me next. And if you knew me before, you probably would think that would be impossible. I am a super A-type, highly motivated, uber organized, planning machine! So for me to be able to live a life of less stress and pure, personal joy is basically a miracle! I won't ever be able to put words to how appreciative I am for the gifts Jaime has given me."

Lindsey B., Denver, CO

Laurie Eastwood:

Art for Laurie is a metaphor for life. It challenges us, it puts us in a place of the unknown, it expands our understanding, it opens our hearts, it asks us to be courageous and to trust in the process. When we lose ourselves in art, we find ourselves. Every piece of art is a new beginning, a new possibility. Follow your heart, create something, anything and embrace the process. It won’t always be beautiful, easy or predictable but it will be worth it.

Laurie is an artist and owner of Mining the Magic, a company dedicated to supporting others in leading their most fulfilled life. Prior to Mining the Magic, Laurie founded and ran a successful art business, J. Christopher Prints and sold her prints in high end retail stores including Restoration Hardware.

Laurie and Jaime are also mother and daughter, bringing a special dynamic to the retreat.

"The chart breaking down decision making was a game changer in my life. My experience at the Shine retreat was transformative spiritually, emotionally and pragmatically. I took away so many tools and strategies to help me in my short term and long term decision making, thereby redefining and refining my path and goals. It was more valuable than I could have ever imagined."

Jenny S, Park City, Utah

TJ Kiloran:

Inspired to create and hold space for all things healing, TJ is the co-owner of Apache Springs Ranch.  She is a Master Equus Facilitator, and a Certified Martha Beck life coach. She is a certified Yoga teacher, and a certified Massage Therapist. TJ splits her time between beautiful Vancouver, BC and the rugged high desert of Sonoita, Arizona and is a wife and a mother of three great kids. Her practice has now expanded to include Post Traumatic Growth with Veterans and their families. She also works one on one with individuals, and is host to a multitude of practitioners involved in the healing arts.

"The Shine retreat was just so perfect for where I'm at in my life. Space was provided for opening and transformation, from both a scheduling perspective as well as from a personal perspective. It was so very safe to be seen and heard and to explore."

Betty H., Austin, Texas

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