The Equus Soul Retreat at Avalanche Ranch

An intimate retreat, limited to 6 women and held on a private ranch, the Equus Soul Retreat is a magical experience that will leave you rejuvenated, inspired and with a deeper experience of freedom, community, connection, expansion and clarity.

The Fall Equus Soul Retreat is now open!
October 28th-October 31st


The Equus Soul Retreat is an intimate, magical, experiential retreat to re-connect with your truth, the wonder of nature, the fulfillment of community and the inspiration of being part of something bigger than ourselves.  Bring your whole life in and come out with a deeper experience of peace, joy, gratitude and velocity in the areas of life that matter most to you.

Through connecting with nature, working with horses and experiencing sound bowl healing, inquiry, art, honey tasting, spiritual guidance, community and delicious plant based meals, you'll have the opportunity to transform limiting perceptions, tap into your powerful intuition, see the perfection of your unique path, trust the unfolding and tap into new, unforeseen, limitless possibilities. 

"The experience of the retreat brought about a momentous shift in my thinking and empowered me to make a major positive shift in my life. I highly recommend giving yourself this gift. It goes far beyond taking a few days off and bonding with other like-minded women. You'll discover parts of yourself that you may have forgotten. Just go. "

Lisa Kasanicky. Scottsdale, AZ

The Equus Soul Retreat....

  • feel rejuvenated by breathtaking landscape, connection with nature, sound bowl meditation, horses, art, transformational inquiry, delicious plant based and locally sourced meals
  • connect with heart-centered, like-minded women who love learning, growing and a great adventure
  • deepen your trust in your intuition, choices and your own unique path
  • bring more peace, clarity and expansion to the areas of life that matter most to you
  • have the space to slow down, reflect and tune into your next inspired vision
  • have freedom with fear and resistance as you step into new possibilities 
  • have the practices and perspective to live moment to moment with presence, joy, freedom and gratitude, even in the midst of challenge
  • have fun, play, laugh, connect and experience the magic of the Equus Soul Retreat at Avalanche Ranch 

"When the voice and the vision on the inside is more profound, and more clear and loud than all opinions on the outside, you've begun to master your life."

Dr. John Demartini

The Equus Soul Retreat 

Oakley, Utah

October 28th through October 31st

Start and End Times:

The Retreat begins at 5:00pm Thursday

and concludes at 1:00pm Sunday


Tuition includes:

  • Classroom sessions with Shine Life Design Founder, Jaime Myers.  Cultivate peace and stillness in your life, understand and tap into how your body and intuition talks to you and tune into your next inspired vision.  With over 25 years of leadership, course design and coaching experience in transformational work, Jaime brings insight, illumination, humor, practical tools and guidance to living a soul-fueled life of personal truth, fulfillment and contribution. 
  • A full day with the horses and Equus Master Coach, Erin Cutshall. Horses have unique abilities to mirror behaviors, communicate non-verbally, and respond to subtle cues from humans. By working with the horses and Erin, you'll obtain powerful personal insights and feedback to illuminate and transform your energy and limiting patterns of behavior. Erin brings a depth of experience and expertise as an Equus Master Coach, as well as transformation leadership as a Martha Beck Master Coach and Byron Katie "The Work" Facilitator.  
    No previous horse experience is required, and all work takes place on the ground. 
  • Daily art sessions with Artist and Founder of Mining the Magic, Laurie Eastwood.  Reconnect with your creative genius, move from head to heart and re-ignite your imagination.  Laurie has the ability to bring out the creative spirit in even the most reluctant explorers!  Seeing art as a metaphor for life, Laurie inspires curiosity, courage and compassion and offers a lens to life that makes everyday magic visible.
  • Sound bowl healing and breathing meditation with Shelley Mehr. Sound Bowl Goddess and Level 2 Wim Hof Facilitator, Shelley combines sound healing and breath guidance for an intuitive, healing and transformative experience.  “Sound vibrations speak right into the soul, bypassing the cognitive mind. When that happens a door opens. When you go through that door you will discover miracles and occurrences you’ve never imagined.” Tom Kenyon
  • 3 nights camping accommodations on the ranch. Trailers are circled together for a community experience and each include a bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette.  
  • Delicious plant based meals provided by local Caterer, Allora.  Gather around the table to share fresh, good eats and inspired conversation.  
  • 2 virtual post-retreat group coaching sessions with Jaime for integrating your insights and inspired vision!

All inclusive registration $2497
Apply here or email [email protected] to be notified when the next retreat is open for registration.

"For me, the biggest epiphany happened at the closing of the weekend - a big swirling set of datapoints coming together in one crystal clear moment - and I shed so much baggage in that instant."

Sara Blanchard, Denver, CO

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

More About Jaime and the retreat team

Jaime Myers:

One of my greatest joys is collaboration and engaging in conversations that free the spirit and give new life to the soul.

For the last 27 years, I've been a student and leader of transformational work and continue to learn what I teach. I believe in sharing from the heart, being authentic, having a good sense of humor and leading through the art of storytelling. 

I've had the honor of being a Staff Member and Coach for Landmark Education Corporation and a Senior Workshop Leader, Coach and Trainer for PAX Programs/Alison Armstrong for 11 years. 

Having led over 150 live weekend courses, as well as creating and leading retreats, tele-courses and leadership programs, I've gained a tremendous love and understanding for what it is to be human and the shifts in perspective that set us free! 

With a vision to empower people to honor themselves, discover their personal truth and lead joyful, soul fueled lives, I founded Shine Life Design.

I live in Park City, Utah with my husband, Seth, and our two sons.  I enjoy everything nature, music, reading, skiing, hiking, epic adventures, good food, a good laugh and inspiring conversations!


"The coaching at the retreat has really shifted my perspective in every area of my life. I'm noticing things now that don't fit for me any longer and I'm loving my re-invented self and clarity. It’s very liberating! "

Deanne Lowery. Newbury Park, CA

Erin Cutshall:

I’m a Master Equus Facilitator, trained by the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching. I am also the Equus Trainer and Coordinator as well as an instructor in the Institute.  I’m a Martha Beck Master Life Coach. I also teach for the Martha Beck program in both the Life Coach Training program and the Master Life Coach Training program. I’m a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation.

I have an M.A. in Organizational Leadership and am certified by the Robert K Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership.  I love the Work of Byron Katie! I am certified in The Work of Byron Katie by Clarity Coaching Institute.

Laurie Eastwood

Igniting Play and Creative Expression through Art

I'm a champion for creativity on every level. I founded Mining the Magic with the strong belief that we, as human beings, are wired to create. I am intrigued by the creative spirit within each of us, that unfettered joy of making something…anything. 

Embracing our creativity challenges us, puts us in a place of the unknown, expands our understanding, opens our hearts, asks us to be courageous and to trust in the process. Every piece of creative endeavor is a new beginning, a new possibility. 

I began my art journey by creating black and white photos that I hand tinted, printed, framed and sold in the wholesale market, including Restoration Hardware and Eddie Bauer Homestore. It became a very successful business which I loved until I didn’t. It became familiar and known, the opposite of what creativity offers, the magic in the unknown! After 12 years, I left the business and began my search to understand and embrace the creative process. 

During the creative sessions, I encourage trusting the process and embracing mystery over mastery.  Like a metaphor for life; we practice playing and engaging with the art from a place of curiosity, courage and compassion.

Shelley Mehr

Clearing Energetic Blocks Sound Bowl & Breathing Meditation

It is all so simple and profound. Utilization of the breath and the awakening activation of alchemy crystal bowls, drums, and chimes serve you in your inner exploration of wholeness. Shelley will guide you with her intuition, presence, and wisdom through the myriad landscapes of inner knowing, including your connections with the cosmic realms, elemental nature, and the foundational Sacred geometries within you. Her presence will support you to feel at ease, comfortable and able to go deep into your wholeness, where healing is a natural byproduct. In this vibration you will deeply rejuvenate on the cellular level, refine your nervous system, harmonize your inner vibratory world and activate your inner vision connected to your gentle loving heart, carving a pathway for your Creatorship/Soulful self to land.  Alchemy crystal bowls are gemstone infused sonic instruments that elevate, enhance, and expand your consciousness.


"The chart breaking down decision making was a game changer in my life. My experience at the retreat was transformative spiritually, emotionally and pragmatically. I took away so many tools and strategies to help me in my short term and long term decision making, thereby redefining and refining my path and goals. It was more valuable than I could have ever imagined."

Jenny S. Park City, Utah
"If I create from the heart nearly everything works;
if from the head almost nothing."
Marc Chagall

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