For the last 30 years, my life's mission and unrelenting focus has been centered around the path of self-discovery, living true to oneself and embodying the knowing that we are powerful creators of our reality.  As a gentle disrupter, visionary and experienced leader in the realm of personal growth and development, I continue to be deeply dedicated to supporting women in living a soul-fueled life through cultivating inner-peace, clarity, vision and supportive community. 

I believe my purpose is to be and share the energy of the heart, an expression that has taken many forms.  In my 20's I began my journey as a leader in the realm of personal transformation as a coach and staff member for Landmark Education.  From there, I joined Alison Armstrong/PAX Programs, an organization devoted to personal transformation, peace, and harmonious partnerships. Over this 11 year period, I was certified as a Senior Workshop Leader and Coach for the Empowering Women Program, Empowering Men Program, Couples Course and solo facilitated more than 150 live, in-person 2 and 3-day workshops as well as co-led the prestigious PAX Mastery and Leadership program alongside Alison; providing training to coaches and therapists to integrate PAX material into their practice. 

More recently becoming a certified Equus/ Horse Assisted Coach through The Center for Equus Coaching and trained in The Work of Byron Katie, I pull from an extensive tool box to create my own retreats and programs.

I founded Shine Life Design, LLC in 2013 and have designed and led US and International retreats as well as countless online programs and 1:1 coaching sessions.  It's my absolute honor and privilege to work with courageous individuals committed to their own growth and to making a positive impact in their families, communities and society.   

The expression, "You teach what you most need to learn" has been and is certainly true for me.  I'm always seeking, learning, observing, researching, inquiring, discussing and sharing what causes pain, limitations and suffering and what sets the human mind, body and soul free to live with connection, laughter, fulfillment and possibility.   

I live in the mountains of Utah with my husband, Seth and our two teenage sons.  We enjoy adventures, traveling and learning in life together - honoring the sovereign, imaginative being in each of us.

"Jaime is a true visionary who cares for the overall well being of people.  She is kind, understanding, and truly gifted in guiding people by using many resources and avenues to create an amazing experience for each person. She has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. She is a pioneer, and I would recommend her to anyone I know."  
Becky Kearns 

As the Personal Growth and Development Industry has become more mainstream, I'm working with organizations as both a facilitator and consultant - providing guidance on program design, vetting facilitators and curating quality, high impact experiences.  

Offerings to Individuals and Organizations:

  • Curating Emotional Safety and Connection: My gentle yet impactful approach has earned me a reputation as a trusted facilitator, mentor, and coach. Understanding that true transformation often requires a nurturing environment, I encourage participants to explore their vulnerabilities and grow at their own pace. By creating environments¬†and processes with the necessary ingredients for transformations, I have witnessed remarkable breakthroughs and lasting change in the lives of thousands.
  • Consulting and Designing Transformational Experiences: Whether through retreats, online courses, or workshops, I specialize in designing highly experiential and transformative experiences. I aim to create profound shifts and breakthroughs for participants as well as communities for continued growth and connection. ¬†Being in the world of growth and development for 30 years, I have a high level of discernment for vetting facilitators and finding the right match for the values and desired outcomes of organizations. ¬†¬†
  • Leading Diverse Groups: One of my unique strengths lies in my ability to lead groups from different walks of life with varying levels of experience simultaneously. Whether it's guiding seasoned participants or those new to personal growth work, I tailor my methods to meet each person's needs and challenges. I believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity, recognizing that everyone has both something to offer and their unique journey to navigate.
  • Equine and 1:1 Coaching: Through equine assisted 1:1 coaching, I guide individuals in discovering their true expression and inspired dreams as well as help cultivate a capacity for holding boundaries and transforming limiting patterns and beliefs. ¬†Horses are powerful partners in mirroring back our blocks and truth. ¬†

    To inquire about coaching, programs or consulting, please contact us at [email protected]¬†

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