My greatest joy is engaging in expansive experiences and inquiry that free the spirit and give new life to the soul. My earliest childhood memories were of looking up at the moon, awe-struck by nature and being in constant wonder of what else could be possible.  Intensely shy at 21, I could never quite find my place in world.  At that time I was introduced to the world of personal growth and transformation and a fire was lit.  For the past 29 years, I've had the absolute privilege of being part of courageous communities bringing forth a new paradigm for humanity.  

I believe my purpose is to be and share the energy of the heart, an expression that has taken many forms.  As a coach and staff member for Landmark Education, an 11 year senior workshop leader and program designer for Alison Armstrong/PAX Programs, a certified Equus coach through The Center for Equus Coaching and trained in The Work of Byron Katie, I've led over 200 live, in-person workshops, 10 years of my own retreats and countless online programs and 1:1 coaching sessions, it's an honor to witness the human experience in multi-faceted forms.    

The expression, "You teach what you most need to learn" has been and is certainly true for me.  I'm always seeking, learning, observing, researching, inquiring, discussing and sharing what causes stress, pain, limitations and suffering and what sets the human mind, body and soul free to live full out with connection, vision and possibility.   

Tuning into the shift in consciousness upon us and with a vision of people being empowered to honor themselves, discover and align with their inner-knowing and lead soul-fueled lives, I founded Shine Life Design, LLC in 2013 and offer retreats, online programs and Equus coaching.

I live in the mountains of Utah with my husband, Seth, and our two teenage sons.  We enjoy adventures, traveling and learning in life together - honoring the sovereign, imaginative being in each of us.

"Jaime is a true visionary who cares for the overall well being of people.  She is kind, understanding, and truly gifted in guiding people by using many resources and avenues to create an amazing experience for each person. She has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. She is a pioneer, and I would recommend her to anyone I know."  
Becky Kearns 

Every topic, inquiry, program and retreat at Shine is designed to be a space of infinite possibility for inquiry, imagination and connection.

I've found one of the most essential ingredients in keeping our dreams alive is community. When we surrounded ourselves with people who support our vision, see who we are and engage in inspiring and expanding conversations, we thrive.

As the Shine courses and retreats have come to life, so has the beautiful community of forward thinking, open-hearted, growth-oriented, kind humans. If this is you, I invite you to come play!

To contact Shine Life Design, please email [email protected]



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