Align with your inner truth. 

Create a soul-fueled life.

Our Upcoming Workshop and Retreat

Equus Soul Workshop

The Equus Soul Workshop is an intimate 2-day, magical and transformational experience that will leave you rejuvenated, inspired and with a deeper trust in yourself, your choices and your unique path. 


Shine Retreat Costa Rica

The Shine Retreat Costa Rica is an intimate, 4-night, transformational, experiential retreat to re-connect with your soul, the wonder of nature, the fulfillment of community and the inspiration of vision.


Online Options

Living Your Truth Essentials
Online Course

A foundational video series for cultivating peace, tuning into your own truth and experiencing more self trust, ease, clarity and freedom 


The Shine Community Membership

The Shine Community is a space for forward thinking, kind, growth-minded women to gather together and be supported, inspired and empowered.


You are Designed to Shine!

We've been there, in the burnout, confusion, over-commitment, the “hustle” and have experienced the cost to well-being, vitality and relationships.   It’s easy to feel on the treadmill… Struggling with discerning boundaries that feel right and having an even harder time communicating them. Working so hard and wanting to gain more momentum, have things come easier and fall into place. Shine Life Design is about living your most soul-fueled life, discovering the magic and seeing you are already Designed to Shine!


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