True Nature

A Virtual Live Series with Jaime Myers








Live in harmony with and as yourself. 

Gain a shift in perspective and tools to navigate life's challenges with greater ease.

Connect with your own inner-compass and experience deeper fulfillment, joy and trust.  

Learn the essential ingredients for a soul-fueled life.

Plus:  Discover and transform a major blindspot that prevents connection with others.

There's more possible. 
For you, others and our world.

You’re a courageous, powerful creator with an unlimited imagination and an infinite capacity to love. 

If you’re like me, you're an insatiable learner, grower and connecter and are motivated by what makes you feel alive and what contributes to others.  

You know there's more possible for yourself, others and our planet - even when you can't find the external evidence.  

We're in the midst of a great shift in consciousness and turning of the tides - a time that includes a whole host of experiences, challenges, chaotic disruption, highs and lows.  

So many of us are looking into our immediate future and feeling more uncertain than ever- and yet, at the same time, pulled forward by a new, emerging paradigm.  

Living in alignment with one’s own truth at such a time takes an enormous amount of courage.  Being one who sees, desires and expresses a new way of living and being  in the current paradigm is not for the faint of heart.  It can be exciting and encouraging one day and daunting and self-doubt inducing the next.     

True Nature offers essentials for living in the flow of life, embodying your natural  way of navigating the world, trusting your own intuition and having freedom with fear - resulting in greater ease, joy, fulfillment and connection.

True Nature is a space that welcomes every part of you. 

A space that allows you to tune into your heart, your truth, your knowing and your natural expression.  

A space for you to consciously bring forth what's in your heart and to cultivate the life force and perspective that provides the capacity to be with challenge and to live and love deeply.  

2024 is inviting us to step into our true nature and live and create in new ways.

In the words of poet, David Whyte,

"What you can plan is to small for you to live.
What you can live wholeheartedly will make plans enough.  
You are not a troubled guest on this earth.  You were invited from another and greater night."

If you're a kind, forward-thinking human who knows there's more possible for you and for our world, join us for...

True Nature 
A Live Virtual Series with Jaime Myers 

Live a life creating from and aligned with your True Nature.  A life you love.

“After having just sold our business, Jaime’s program was the best investment in manifesting my next chapter in life. My life before working with Jaime was extremely productive and by many accounts, successful. Now,  it's much more soulful or soul-fueled, enjoyable, and satisfying.  The connection to inspiring women is a tremendous bonus that continues to pay dividends." 
 Jane Perkins

Structure of the Program

True Nature is a Virtual Series of 6 live calls
with accompanying inquiry worksheets.
Recordings are provided for easy participation.

 GATHERING ONE: Cultivating Peace 
The better we become at cultivating peace, the more access we have to our true nature, personal truth and powerful intuition. The tools and practices for cultivating peace and stillness in your life are an essential foundation.   As part of cultivating peace, we'll explore the daily self-care practices for honoring and nurturing your true nature. 

GATHERING TWO: Inquiry and Perspective  
We'll bring a whole new perspective to our beliefs; shifting thoughts from being fear-based reactions to thoughts that bring gratitude, fulfillment and the knowing you are the creator of your life. So much of our suffering comes from the social-self ego weaving stories that aren’t true. We'll explore ways to transform thoughts and feel more at peace, connected, joyful and empowered. You'll also learn a  way to experience emotions rather than resist them and awaken to the gifts of resentment and other seemingly bad emotions. As a trained Byron Katie "The Work" Facilitator, Jaime also provides thought dissolving tools and liberation from the mind traps of negative thoughts "on loop."   

GATHERING THREE:  Discovering and Tuning Into Your Most Powerful Guide! Your Own Inner-Compass
Learn how to tune into your inner-compass from moment to moment for guidance and discover how your body's feedback leads the way to a magic carpet ride.  These tools create a shift from outer-authority, constantly questioning yourself and doing what you think you should to developing inner-authority and trust in your own intuition; a practice that changes the trajectory of your life.  

GATHERING FOUR: Cycles of Change 
Many cultures, especially western, tend to look at change within a linear model and timeline.  Comparing yourself to where you think you should be leaves you feeling behind, failing in some way and striving to keep up.  You'll explore your own natural cycles - allowing for freedom, clarity and being in the flow of life.  

GATHERING FIVE:  Navigating Fear 
As your authentic self takes the lead, the social self part of us can stir up some serious resistance, also known as fear.  You'll explore and have tools to navigate fear and move from it holding you back to being a companion.

GATHERING SIX: Communicating Your Truth
Maybe boundaries are just speaking your truth! In this class we'll explore and develop a perspective that will allow you to see your needs vs. someone else’s and have effective ways to communicate your truth in partnership with others.  

EXERCISES: Being in the Lab
When we engage with ideas and shifts in perspective, we gain clarity and insight. Each gathering will include exercises and ways to engage, explore, experiment and discover!  

COMMUNITY:  Fuel your Heart and Soul
With our current challenges, we need one another more than ever.  Gather, be inspired and experience the joy of community with fellow kind, forward-thinking humans on the path to embodying their true nature and creating a more united world for all.

Friday's 11:00am - 12:15pm pacific
February 16th, 23rd, March 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd 

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“Jaime is a true visionary who cares for the overall well being of people. She's kind, understanding, and truly gifted in guiding people by using many resources and avenues to create an amazing experience for each person. She has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. She's a pioneer, and I would recommend her to anyone I know."
Becky Kearns


Jaime Myers

As a heart-centered leader, my greatest joy is engaging in experiences and inquiry that free the spirit and give new life to the soul.  

At age 21, I was introduced to the world of personal growth and transformation - a world I've been fully and thoughtfully engaged in ever since.  Over the last 29 years I've had the absolute privilege of being a staff member, personal development coach, leadership trainer, workshop and retreat leader and program designer for organizations committed to a better world.

With a vision of people being empowered to honor themselves, discover and align with their personal truth and lead fulfilling, soul-fueled lives, I founded Shine Life Design, LLC in 2013 and offer retreats, horse assisted experiences, private coaching and online programs.  

Having led over 200 live weekend courses and retreats and over 25+ years of coaching, I've worked with thousands of people in various structures in the realm of personal growth and gained a tremendous love and understanding for what it is to be human and the shifts in perspective that set us free - a day to day commitment and deeply lived experience.

I feel most at home and inspired in the mountains and reside in Utah with my husband, Seth, and our two teenage sons.  We enjoy learning in life together - honoring the sovereign, infinitely imaginative being in each of us.

Register today for only $397
Or with 3 payments of $147

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